I picked up some nice meters and even though I don’t do much with analog I can still use these with Arduino’s and PWM. I needed an easy way to make professional meter faces. There are some free programs out there to do this but this is a case where its worth paying for…..

Here is a meter face I made for my Arduino based WiFi connected food thermometer with Ubidots feed….

Tonne Software’s Meter


They do have a free version that allows you to make a single scale face but you’ll soon want more…

The paid version supports highlighting too. Really nice features. If you have fancy meters with mirrored scales it can even mask out the scale mirror so you can see where it is in relation to your scale..

I know its not open source but Tonne Software’s Meter is a great little program

I just flipped the face over and glued the new one to the back side.

I used 2 scales and could still add 4 more. I only made the beef scale . I could add poultry etc… but why bother, they’re not on the menu anyway….

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