Sometimes I need to work on a car’s PCM but dont want to go out to the garage. I made a little breakout board so I can run it on the bench. Great for making tunes for other people. Just have them bring over the PCM and you can flash it and send them on their way…

I used a standard ALDL connector so any ODBII tool will connect. great for writing scan tool code too.

There is a small toggle switch that controls the ignition line to the PCM

I test connectivity first with a $12 ELM327 and ElmScan since I dont want to hurt the expensive $500 HP Tuners box…

When the ELM327 works I connect up with HP Tuners

It only takes 4 wires. you see a 5th wire here because one wire had to go to two pins….

There are some nice pinout guides out there for bench flashing most PCM’s

You can even add a gauge cluster

This only needs 3 wires.

Air Bag Modules can be scanned too. Don’t expect to find much info out there on these……..

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