I keep seeing reflow oven projects using toaster or convection ovens. One even called itself YARO (Yet Another Relfow Oven).  I like the idea and wanted one. I remember seeing frying pans in the ISC DAL used for SMD reflow. I bet this controller would work for that too.

I decided to use a TFT LCD to make it a little nicer….

So much better than the 8X2 char display……

Oops, looks like I missed the title on that last page….

Still has a little bit of finishing work needed. Hopefully over the holiday….

3 thoughts on “Reflow Oven Controller”
  1. So, is this thing programmable? Can it be adapted to a kiln? I’m currently using an inexpensive PID that’s seriously tiresome to program – gazillions of button presses, sigh.

    1. Frankly, If you want a PID controller I’d use the sous vide controller program I posted here https://commons.pratt.edu/open-source/sous-vide/ and here https://commons.pratt.edu/open-source/sous-vide-update/ It uses the PID library…

      I just modified it for my Electric smoker. the biggest change is the use of a 240V 45A Relay to handle the heating element in the smoker and a K type thermocouple in place of the Dallas temp probe. the dallas tops out at 250 degrees but a type K thermocouple can go above 2000

      So far it has worked well and I am documenting it here soon.

      I haven’t done ceramics since the 70’s but I remember using a simple kiln sitter that held a cone and when the cone melted it tripped the power off.

      The reflow controller could mimic this action or be modified to do a programmed preheat then a firing cycle.

      sounds interesting, whats the rating of your kiln? or its make and model?

      max temp you usually fire to?

      Are you looking for a simple kiln sitter or a programmable multi step controller?

  2. hello,

    i’m working at the moment with the “old “version of the reflow oven.
    yours looks much nicer i must say.

    is is possible for you to share youre modified code?

    i would like to use it to modify my oven too.

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