I’ve been working on my tractor. Still have to replace a hydraulic hose and one axle seal but It drives around fine…

I am still going to convert it to fuel injection but since it has a brand new carburetor first thing I’ll concentrate on is the ignition. It runs great at higher speed but at idle the timing is a bit too advanced.  It will be nice to be able to fine tune the curve. Its going to be running Alpha-N unless I get really bored.

I bought a couple of GM LS2 Truck coils.

I have to make my own harness. I followed the Megasquirt wiring and added a little 10uF cap right at the coil. I read about some issues with noise so I’m using shielded cable for the trigger and plain cable for the power feed.

From the outside they look exactly the same but internally one uses smaller wire with a foil shield.

A little heatshrink tubing on the shield wire

probably should have stripped the black wire then used heatshrink to join it with the shield…. good thing the holes in the connector are oval shaped..

the MSQ forum recommends using a 10uF cap near the coil.

thats as close as I can get it..

solder and tape that upI like a heavy dose of liquid tape then some heatshrink to completely seal it up. ATV sealer works too but oozes more.

Not bad looking. Now just wait for sundown to cool things off so I can work outside.

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