Last week my bus broke down on the highway. I took the time to check out whats new on instructables and I found a stereo remote control app made with AI2. I immediately recognized the Snap style interface and thought it would be worth a look.

I tried a simple app to play a music stream from XRM Radio. it only took 10 minutes and seems to work fine. I left it playing for several hours yesterday while I was working with no problems. .

I then tried Bluetooth serial  and web api calls. Both seemed fairly easy. Trying to talk to an ESP 8266 proved a chore but it did work. I’ll post more about each project when I have time to package them up.

Next I took an Arduino with a Bluetooth module and a MAX6675 thermocouple amplifier and made a simple oven thermometer.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well the needle responded. Much nicer than the same app I made with the HTML5 canvas tag….

I think I’ll have to try a few more things this weekend. Maybe something for the car…..

I will post the thermometer app and Arduino source code when I pretty it up a little bit……

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