I got this CB VFO at a hamfest for $2. Perfect case for a DDS VFO..

First thing was to gut it and save all the bits, especially the gear drive knob and the nice air variable cap.

Now that it’s empty time to pick a new display. I really like the plain LED’s

I had to get rid of the screw post DC input terminals

I put a coaxial power jack in the top hole and a ground screw in the bottom one. Even the original legends are useful…

Probably will ditch the 110V input altogether.

these uneven tripod feet had to go…..

I 3D printed a bezel for the LED’s to match the style of the original display.

I reused the three original holes from the knob and added two more at opposite ends of the display.

I’ll use a rotary encoder for the knob so no gearbox needed. I’m tempted to print a phony one to keep the look..

Not a bad start to this one…..

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