I just posted an Instructable on Drones. It’s a remix of an instructable I saw earlier this year on a 3D printed Micro105.


I had to make some upgrades but it got out of hand. the skulls were a nice start

Then this happened.. In case you’re wondering it’s a Geo Metro LSI modeled by my son Nick.

Why? you ask… Well the Geo was the first car he ever had. His Aunt Eletra gave him the Geo when he turned 16. He’s had a half dozen other cars since that time but over a decade later and he still has that Geo on the road.

He made it for a racing video game and I grabbed the model and added the motor pods….

We used a commercial Hubsan radio board.

The radio tray was a pain to model but it came out perfect on the first print…..

Then my Blue filament arrived… His Geo is Blue so…..

This one has a hollowed out hatchback to hold the battery

The stl files are on instructables if you want them.

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