Time to sort through all the spare fuel injection parts in the garage

This was one of the nicest looking but worst running Corvette intakes….

Speeduino may let me salvage it yet…..

There’s a 454 throttle body hiding in that mess….

Some Ford CFI too

I love these since they bolt right up to a 2 bbl intake

I still have my original Bowling & Grippo Fuel Injector tester clone

It has lm1949 peak and hold drivers that work great with the low Z TBI injectors

Found a few more hiding under a bench. even a  Rochester 1 bbl from a 1984 Fiero with the iron duke.

and a few pulls from my wife’s car that need to be flow tested to see if they have any hope for life…

I figured I’d go digital this time rather than using dip switches to select the pulse duration and count.

First thing was to print a case that would hold a protoboard and a sainsmart lcd keypad shield.

I used an UNO to create the firmware but didn’t want to waste a real UNO’s USB hardware on a project that would never use it so I took a  mega protoshield and make my own controller.

It fits together pretty well.

I added a fuel pump control line so it could control  the pump automatically..

I pulse the backlight with the injectors to give visual feedback on the pulse output.

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