At one of our Albert Wisner Public Library Makers Meetings Roberto brought these great flight sim consoles.

I was obsessed with building something like this for a racing simulator likeDirt Rally or LFS.

So when my sons Chevy died I stripped a bunch of parts from the interior before I sent it off to the junk yard…

And a few from the exterior I could sell on ebay..

A quick test with a signal generator and the gauges seem to work fine.

PWM @ 10 hz makes the temperature gauge happy while the MPH and RPM respond nicely to square waves….

So heres a bunch of rusty parts from the dash frame.

A little flat black paint and they look much better.

The dash itself is not too bad but I have to remove the passenger side air bag  and trim it along the left edge of the airbag opening.

This will be a single seater driving cockpit.

The main frame got a paint job too but I have to trim that to match the dash cover.

Then there is this….

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