I’ve been building USB Joystick controllers for the teen group at the local library. Last time I made Midi controllers and they loved it. Especially using Garageband to play with their creation.

This time its arcade joysticks. We had such a good time at the last Retro Gamer Night in 2017  that I want to have something fun at the next one in March. I have some boxes and Happ parts ready to go.

When I did the Midi I used Arduino Leonardo boards and PIC 16F2550 chips. That way t here was the beginner option and the pro option…

This time I’m going in the middle using VUSB on Atmel chips. This is a bit bang USB for chips with no native USB hardware. A couple of resistors and Zener diodes and a nice piece of software…

To make prototyping the different interfaces simple I made these little boards with the VUSB hardware to tuck under a small protoboard. If you add the micronucleus bootloader this is a perfect portable board to add to your Arduino collection.

Heres the complete hardware with a couple of added caps to filter the +5V USB power.

Cheap little protoboards

And Duct Tape. Gotta have that.

The ATTINY85 is my favorite for small joysticks and the Atmega8 is a good choice for anything else….

just to make sure it works  I uploaded the Adafruit Trinket USB Volume Knob Code. 

Now for a real test. Found these up in the attic. Probab;y should clean them up but I want to see how it works.

These are old Tandy  Color Computer Analog Joysticks with only one button….

And they don’t self center either….

But they do work….

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