Just when you think you have a free minute and might get to work on something your cars muffler decides to make some noise…..

Normally I wouldn’t rush but my inspection was due in February so I had to swap it. $100 for a factory muffler or $30 for a Thrush Turbo.  That’s a simple choice.

First I had to get the old one out. It was halfway out already so no problem. then I decided to save the factory flange since in was in good shape.. the Thrush is half the length so I’d need a little extra pipe.  Simple answer was to take a sawszall and chop the muffler up. I know the inlet pipe goes all the way across

That looks like enough extra

To get it out I grabbed the plasma cutter and went to work. I left a bit of space for safety

Trimming the final scrap was don wiht the torch parallel to the pipe so it wouldn’t gouge it.

Scraps back on the junk pile on the trailer. Just waiting for a trip to the dumps.

Of course before I would go to Advance Auto and buy that muffler I checked my attic and found a factory style fuller with all the right dimensions but no hangar or flange.

All that work saving the extra pipe for naught.  I ended up chopping down to 4 inches anyway

looks like factory

I quickly cut off the old hangar and welded it to he new muffler. By this time I wasn’t being too neat….

Well that’s in and I passed inspection so now maybe I’ll get to do something fun?

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