I wanted to make a small jogging pendant for my CNC machine.

I saw these at the local Radio Shack closing sale.

Simple matrix layout.

Comes with a printable face.

They even include an IR window and 9V battery clip.

But then when I was at P&T Surplus I saw this $5 deal on a real CNC Pendant…

The circuit board should be easy to replace. Just have to line up the LCD right. It’s a standard 16X2 display so it will get reused.

E-Stop and Pause buttons are wired to a small plug

and a SIP header for the keyboard is really easy to layout

Easy enough to see through the board to wire the keyboard.

Since I’ll use a lot of pins on the keyboard I opted for this PCF8574 based I2C LCD adapter.

I soldered it to the back of the LCD display

A quick test from an Arduino

There are 3 buttons that point to the display. I can fit about 3-5 characters per button. I may not bother with this unless I find a really good use for it.

Here’s the code (nothing much so far):


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